Your Copywriting Questions Answered

It’s only natural that you have questions about the sort of content a freelance copywriter provides, content creation in general, and the benefits of words that sell. You’ll find the answers that aren’t covered elsewhere on my site on this page.

If you’ve got a more specific query that isn’t covered here, click here to drop me a line.

Q: Can you write for my industry?

Unless you’re selling a very niche product that requires a Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics, 603 Copywriting should be able to help.

We’re all about versatility. Let’s take one six month period in 2017, and look at a few of the topics 603 Copywriting covered:

  • Ecigarettes
  • Batteries
  • Lightbulbs
  • Accountancy
  • New Age Therapy
  • Country Music
  • Personal Training

Whether you’re selling services to businesses, products to consumers, or good ol’ Tennessee blues to the gig-goers of Lanarkshire, 603 Copywriting can and will help.

Q: Do you only write for local businesses in Manchester?

Far from it! 603 Copywriting has undertaken work for businesses next door to us in Salford, and a continent away in South Africa. Most the clients we write for are based in the UK, but it doesn’t matter where your business operates. If you need compelling copy in English (British, American, Australian…) then you’re in the right place.

Please note, if you’re based overseas,603 Copywriting does still charge in pounds sterling, and VAT may be charged.

Q: Who Works for 603 Copywriting?

603 Copywriting currently only consists of Andrew Nattan, the company’s director and a highly experienced copywriter.

However, 603 partners with trusted website and graphic designers and developers to ensure we can handle any project you need us to.

Q: How much will my copy cost?

As you’ll see on the pricing page, this depends on the project. 603 Copywriting tries to keep prices as competitive as possible (not being based in London helps), and the price you see in my quote will be the price that you pay on completion.

Q: Don’t you charge by the hour/word?

Nope. And not just because the Professional Copywriters’ Network says not to.

Paying by the word is a surefire way to get bloated, flabby copy. You want muscular, effective prose. But if you pay someone by the word, they’ll add as many superfluous instances of redundant or unnecessary verbage as possible to pad out that word count.

As for charging by the hour? If it takes 603 Copywriting longer than normal to come up with a great idea for your business, that shouldn’t add to your bill. You want a project delivered, not a timesheet.

Q: I can get content for a penny a word – why should I pay more?

You can get a second-hand car for £50. Why should you pay more for something newer, or of a higher quality?

If you’re paying pennies for your copy, it’s probably being churned out by someone with English as a second language, who’s copying and rewording content from your competitors. And the second you put it to work, the wheels will fall off.

When you hire 603 Copywriting, you’re getting the benefit of a decade’s industry experience, countless training sessions, conferences and seminars, along with a commitment to quality. In short, you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Q: Can I have a free sample?

If you’re looking for a free sample, 603’s portfolio and blog are accessible through the menu above, and you can always email to ask about specific examples of completed client work (NDAs allowing). But 603 Copywriting doesn’t, as a rule, provide free content to potential clients.

You can always ask, but please don’t be offended when your request is refused.

Q: How long until I get my copy?

We’ll agree on a deadline before work begins. If you need something yesterday and the deadline involves working until 4am, there will be a 25% rush fee added to your quote.

Q: Can we meet face to face?

Andrew is happy to meet anyone in the Greater Manchester area for a discussion about their copy requirements, but if you live further afield face-to-face meetings are reserved for larger projects and will incur travel costs and an additional fee. Don’t worry, though – most of the work 603 has completed has been done thanks to email and telephone conversations, and the reviews from clients haven’t suffered in the slightest.

“Andrew’s work on the Waldorf Astoria book has been nothing short of excellent. This is one of our high profile clients and the book was a significant project for them. The copy produced and quality of communication exceeded my expectations, and we intend to continue using 603 Copywriting’s services.”

Jenny Jones - Senior Account Manager, DS Emotion