Tone of voice matters most when that voice is speaking out loud. Get your message over loud and clear with a script copywriter.

Customers know when you sound inauthentic. If you’re in love with the sound of your own voice, it’s a safe bet that they won’t be. If you want them to speak when you listen, make sure you hire a voice-over or video script copywriter to get your message across load and clear.

Radio, video, or even an on-hold message. Whatever you want to say, whenever you want to say it, let’s make sure your message is received and understood.

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Script and Voice-Over Copywriter

Radio adverts, YouTube videos, speeches at your next business dinner – the days of companies only needing text to sit on a page or a pamphlet are long gone. If you’re going to convince customers with the words you say, you’ll need to ensure that they’ve been carefully considered.

A few bullet points on the back of a napkin just won’t cut the mustard. And heading into a recording studio without a script is simply a recipe for disaster.

Hiring a script copywriter will make sure you don’t make a dog’s dinner of your delivery. Drawing upon years of experience in marketing across a range of audio and visual channels, 603 Copywriting will literally put words in your mouth. Or the mouths of your voice-over artists.

Whether you’re looking to add persuasive personality to a speech, instantly grab attention with some verbal flair over the radio airwaves, or ensure that your video adverts aren’t all style and no substance, 603 Copywriting’s script copywriting services will ensure you always get your point across in a tone that’ll resonate with your readers.

Script and Voice-over Copywriting Services:

  • Speech writing
  • On-hold marketing scripts
  • Radio advert scripts and direction notes
  • Video advert scripts and direction notes
  • Video advert concept creation
  • Voice-over scripts and editing

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