Is Your Professional Voice Boring?

This is Jim. Jim is a professional musician.

Jim is exciting, innovative and all sorts of other interesting superlatives.

Jim isn’t boring.

So if a professional isn’t a boring person, why is your professional copy boring?

The Reputation of the Professional Voice

Too many writers see the word “professional” on a brief and sigh. Professional just doesn’t seem to fit with words like “exciting” or “innovative”. For some reason, when a client asks for a professional tone, they tend to ask for something long, dense and packed with jargon. Something that fills the copywriter with dread.

Now go and watch that video clip again. That’s a professional musician doing his job. He’s entertaining and unique. That’s how your professional voice needs to speak for your client.

How to Write in the Professional Voice

If you’re going to excite and enthrall readers with your professional voice, you need to bear a few things in mind.

Professionals know what they’re doing. Take a position of authority. Be bold, and be convincing. If you’re writing for an industry expert, don’t write that “they believe” or “they think”. Make a statement.

Professionals can back up their claims. That doesn’t mean making a huge list of qualifications, written in impenetrable acronyms. It means demonstrating real-world experience. It means demonstrating relevant accreditations as part of your copy.

Professionals lead the way. Take a look at that video again. A professional defining himself by doing things in his own way. our client needs to do that. Unique Selling Points are the key to convincing professional copy.

It’s that simple. So the next time you need a professional voice, don’t think that 10,000 words of dry wording sprinkled liberally with acronyms will cut it. Be authoritative, use evidence and carve your own niche.

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