KFC Copy - Fist Bitin' Bad

KFC - The Healthy Option?

Two rules of marketing/product design/copywriting that The Colonel’s crack team of crispy-skinned copywriters have missed here:

1) When you’re writing a piece about a healthy alternative to MSG-coated, steroid-laden chicken, don’t add a paragraph about cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm. Tumours, deformed kids and harm to my reproductive area just doesn’t scream “Healthy Option” to me.

2) When you’re developing a healthy alternative to deep-fried, grease-flavoured poultry flesh, don’t coat it in carcinogens and things that make people’s knackers drop off.

I’m sure you’ll nail it next time Colonel Sanders!

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  1. Richard Fair says:

    Yeah, and tell them it’s ‘fewer’ not ‘less’

  2. Lisa says:

    LOL!!! This made my morning. I think in a day and age when businesses are trying to become more transparent, this type of info comes up. 100% agree with you on missing the boat with this ad though.

  3. US advertising is full of these legally required messages, which you’d think would kill a product. The TV anti-depressant adverts are hilarious: first you hear about the benefits, then potential side effects like suicidal thoughts.

    I bet KFC’s grilled chicken sold well!

  4. I guess it’s tantamount to a parachute manufacturer warning customers: “This product my contain holes”.

    Your post actually reminded me of something I read on a pack of peanuts last week – I’m going to blog on this soon myself. The packet of peanuts wisely informed my disbelieving eyes that: “this product may contain peanuts”. Well duh, I hope it does!

    For those interested and, I know you are, I recently posted a KFC inspired post under the category ‘how to get copywriting jobs’ – http://creativepen.co.uk/2010/11/18/how-to-get-copy-writing-jobs-free-consultations/

    Thanks for the post!!

  5. Amy says:

    Why is it Kentucky Grilled Chicken? Aren’t they frying chicken anymore? KGC really doesn’t have the same ring…..

  6. Wesley Young says:

    This has made me think twice about KFC! I can’t believe despite the disclaimer, as grim as the reading makes, people still buy the grilled chicken bucket. What’s in the stuff!? Only in America… funny post.

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