Email Campaign

The Client:

Jeff Brown’s PlayForCars campaign is the only win-a-car contest in Britain that is available to only UK residents.

The Brief:

As part of a launch sequence leading up to his first prize draw, Jeff needed to build interest in his contest, explain how his content worked, and keep readers hooked so they’d read the next email in the sequence too.

For the third email in the sequence, Jeff wanted to let contestants know that there’d be something exciting on the horizon, funded by one of his investors.

The Copy:

Hi [Name],

Have you ever seen Dragon’s Den?

I know what you’re thinking – “Why are you emailing about TV programs when you should be letting me know when I can enter the free car competition?”

There’s a reason.

Truth is, I’ve got my own Dragon. I stood in front of an investor and explained that I wanted to give a free car away. He looked at me, a tad puzzled.

Then I told him I wanted to give away a free car every fortnight so that somebody in the UK will drive away in a brand new car every two weeks, guaranteed!

His head went down, his eyebrows rose and he looked at me over his glasses…

He said, “What’s the catch?”

I replied, “There is no catch!”

He practically signed the cheque there and then. Because my Dragon knows a great offer when he sees one! He knows people are going to like this.

Thanks to the backing of this investor, who’s actually been a good friend of mine for over 25 years, I can offer a brand new car every two weeks for at least the next six months.

So, [Name], what does that mean for you?

Well, when word gets out that PlayforCars is giving away new cars every fortnight, we’re going to get thousands – even tens of thousands – of people taking part in our fortnightly competitions.

But for the first few competitions there won’t be that many people competing against you, simply because we’re new. That means it’s between you and the rest of our early birds.

All of this means that…

You are NEVER going to have a better chance of winning a brand new car.


That’s not a boast. It’s simple maths. I don’t do rollovers. There won’t be a six car jackpot because nobody’s won for a few months.

One of the few early bird sign ups who enters the first few competitions will drive away with a brand new car every fortnight. That’s guaranteed!

All early birds have great odds because there aren’t as many players in the early competitions as there will be in later competitions.

And you, of course, most definitely qualify as an ‘early bird’.

In fact if you play in the very first competition your odds will be the best they can ever be simply because the number of competitors will be the lowest there will ever be!

No hype, no strings, and no small print.

Just plain mathematical fact.

I told you I’d be in touch with good news!

I’ll email you soon with some more exciting details about what happens when you win. I’ve got a few juicy ideas!



PS: Have I told you that only UK residents can enter my competitions? You’re not competing against millions of people from all over the world – which means your odds have just improved even more!