Specialised Flooring

Website Copy

The Client:

Specialist Flooring is a family-run contract flooring supplier and fitter.

The Brief:

With a small budget and a growing audience, Specialist Flooring needed copy that reflected a few of the company’s key values. Personal service, a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction and a willingness to work beyond the “office hours” other fitters stick to all needed to be weaved into content that would help them stand out from the competition.

It’s always nice to bring a little personality into a project, and Duncan Haley was keen on his site reflecting his own easy-going yet professional attitude. Judging by his (and his customers’) response to the completed copy, it looks like 603 Copywriting really hit the spot.

The Copy:

What Does Specialist Flooring Do?

It’s pretty simple. We fit floors.

To be precise, we fit carpet and vinyl flooring.

We fit great looking floors for offices, we fit floors that can handle being trampled by classes full of schoolchildren, and we fit floors that are so simple to clean that doctors and chefs couldn’t imagine life without them.