Copywriting Rates

Marketing isn’t a flat-fee service. 603 Copywriting’s rates are tailored to your business’ needs and your strategy.

The simplest way to find out how much your writing and advertising project will cost is to click this friendly button right here and tell 603 just what you’re looking for:

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What’s Included in the Price?

After you’ve requested your quote and discussed your marketing plan, you’ll receive a price that’s based on the size and complexity of the job you need doing.

The quote includes:

Research: No writer should start a project blind. By incorporating in-depth research, 603 Copywriting will understand your project, your business and your clients.

The First Draft: The first pass of your content, designed to convince your customers to take the actions you need, whether that’s calling, clicking or buying.

Copy Amendments: Remembered an important fact? Thought of a killer USP? At the second and third draft stage, the content can be tailored to ensure it gets everything across to your clients.

Discuss your project and request a quote

Sample Copywriting Prices

The prices below are based on actual work completed for clients. Your quote will vary based on the scope of your project and the complexity of your goals, so make sure to contact 603 Copywriting for a more accurate price.

  • Sample Project: Email
  • A sequence of 12 emails designed to raise interest, increase spending and promote referrals which delivered a 22% increase in spend per customer, and an increase in open and click-through rates.
  • Price: £1,550 +VAT
  • Sample Project: Website
  • Content for a 14 page website based around an innovative new identity for a premium brand, which resulted in a 50% increase in average spend compared to non-premium range.
  • Price: £1,800 +VAT
  • Sample Project: Retainer
  • Four days per month dedicated to article, press release and email copy based around breaking industry news, that led to  an increase in site visits, email conversion rates and press attention.
  • Price: £1,500 +VAT
  • Sample Project: Direct Letters
  • Six one-page letters aimed at solving key problems faced by potential clients that delivered a 40% response rate, leading to new business worth tens of thousands of pounds
  • Price: £900 +VAT
  • Sample Project: Video Script
  • Two minute explainer video script (with direction for the animators) which helped a client secure the required investor funding for a complex b2b application.
  • Price: £550 + VAT
  • Sample Project: Blog Posts
  • Four weekly blog posts leading up to an important product launch, shared on social media to create interest which led to higher than expected launch day sales and increased client awareness.
  • Price: £400 +VAT

“I recently used 603 Copywriting for my re-designed website. From day one Andrew was friendly yet professional and delivered the perfect content I was after, on time and at a great price.”

Dave Hallett - Owner, Dave Hallett Web Design