Online audiences are demanding. So demand a specialist digital copywriter.

Message is message and technique is technique. That’s what the marketing old-school will tell you. But a specialist digital copywriter knows different.

You’ve got seconds to hook an online audience’s attention, or they’re gone for good. Where will your readers be in 15 seconds?

Buying your products, or speaking to your competitors?

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The Cornerstones of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad church. Writing online content isn’t just about words. It’s about UX, CRO and all kinds of acronyms.

And most importantly, it’s about reaching your customer, grabbing their attention and not letting go. That all starts with the cornerstones of your digital marketing strategy.

Your Website: Your web content is ground zero for your online marketing. By planning a sitemap, plotting user journeys and working out how to appeal to people at every step of your sales funnel a website copywriter will turn your site into the most solid of foundations.

Email Outreach: Marketing doesn’t stop when your readers leave your site. A well-crafted campaign from an email copywriter will keep your business at the front of leads’ minds, by putting sales pitches, newsletters and content marketing information right into your readers’ hands.

SEO: What good is a website if nobody’s here to see it? Drawing on a decade in the field of search engine optimisation, 603’s SEO copywriter will ensure that your site appeals to Google as well as your readers.

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Content to Reach Digital Natives

Beyond web copy and email blasts, there’s much more a digital copywriter can offer you.

603 Copywriting will also provide perfectly crafted social media profiles to build your reputation on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, attention-grabbing AdWords adverts and simple, intuitive app copy – all designed to keep your readers engaged.

Don’t lose their attention. Hire a digital copywriter to keep your clients focused on your products and your services.

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“603 Copywriting is a pleasure to work with. Their writing is creative and lends itself brilliantly to both print and digital design. The briefs that Andrew writes for me are concise and easy to work from, leading to great results for our clients. I would recommend working with 603 Copywriting, as their digital copywriting services do great things for businesses of all sizes.”

Chris Seed - Director, Pine