Paper’s Not Dead. Let a Print Copywriter Show You the Path to Enquiries

Step away from your screen. Print still has a place in the digital world, and a print copywriter has the skill and expertise to help you make the most of it.

After all, in a world where you delete eighty sales emails before your coffee’s cold, what better way to be noticed than with a targeted, personalised outreach letter?

Make sure you’re heard. Ask about print marketing

Sales Letters Get More Responses Than Emails. Fact.

That’s not a case of clinging to print in the face of all the evidence (after all, 603 Copywriting delivers conversion-focused email campaigns too).

In a world where two thirds of digital messages are instantly trashed, a personalised sales letter, target brochure drop or attention-grabbing flyer can get your message across much more reliably.

And that’s without the psychological push offered by a tangible, physical piece of written marketing material.

Printed materials should form a core part of your marketing arsenal, and a print copywriter is your best bet of driving those responses and conversions.

There’s More to Print Writing Than Words

603 Copywriting can draw upon a network of contacts in the design and printing industries to manage your whole print marketing project. If you have a list, or a target market, and a brief, we’ll create the content and liaise with a graphic designer to bring those words to life.

After all, there’s more to being a print copywriter than jotting down a few words and emailing you over a document.

Add print to your marketing strategy.

“603 Copywriting has worked on a couple of projects for us, an email and a direct mail. In both projects Andrew was able to look at our audience and provide quality copy that took a fresh approach to how we would write marketing communications ourselves.

Overall, everybody on our team is very impressed and we look forward to working with 603 Copywriting on future digital and print copywriting projects.”

Zac Chetwynd - Marketing Acquisition Manager, Shepherds Friendly Society