The Days of Page-Only Content Are Over. It’s Time to Hire a Script Copywriter

Remember the good old days when all your business needed was a decent website and the odd email? Well stop reminiscing and start thinking about hiring a script copywriter, because it’s 2017 and your business needs video and audio content.

Drawing upon training and experience in the field of audio script writing, 603 Copywriting will make sure your content is heard loud and clear.

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Audio Copywriting Specialist

Some writers cut their teeth on the web, others start out drafting flyers, and the world’s leading (M)ad man insisted on hiring direct response writers. But what use is a background in typology when it’s time to give businesses an audible voice?

603 Copywriting’s founder, Andrew Nattan, was trained as an audio copywriter from the beginning. For a decade, he’s written dialogue, monologues, stage directions and specified sound effects for on-hold marketing scripts, radio adverts and voiceovers.

The secret to writing a script is to grab attention fast with a catchy premise, and to try and eliminate the words that trip up voiceover artists.

So unless you’re Peter Piper and you’re looking to sell a peck of pickled peppers to leads who sell sea shells down by the sea shore (in which case you, my friend, are in trouble), you’ll have to go a long way to find a better audio script copywriter.

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Video Script Content

What can you say in six seconds? Put on the spot, you’ll be lucky to go much past “umm” and “err.” But if you’re putting together a YouTube advert, or video content for your website, you’ll need to grab your lead’s attention in just six seconds before they’re skipping to the next thing.

On top of that, you need to consider putting together a concept, scripting the visual elements and – of course- making sure you get your pitch across succinctly and quickly.

If that sounds difficult, then it’s time to enlist expert help. 603 Copywriting has scripted explainer videos, pitch vids and adverts, handling concepts, dialogue and direction to ensure that the message always gets through.

Your business needs to embrace video content. So you at least need to shake hands with a video script copywriter.

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Daniel Hilton - Director, Cabin Crew Network