Baffled By The Science? Speak to an SEO Copywriter Who’ll Simplify the Ranking Process

Robots, spiders, Google, Bing, optimisation, SERPS… Are you bored yet? Fortunately, all you need to know is that search engine optimisation is the science that puts your site high up on Google, and copywriting is the art that turns that ranking into business. So SEO copywriting must be the combination of the two.

At 603 Copywriting, we understand ranking and we understand selling. That’s why it says “SEO Copywriter” up there.

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How Does SEO Copywriting Work?

If you’re here, you’ve probably read at least one long, worthy article by a self-confessed search expert, packed with all sorts of buzzwords, acronyms and clichés. You might be dazed and confused.

Don’t be. SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t as complex as those experts pretend. From a content point of view, here’s what a good writer will do to help your site rank:

  1. Find the Phrases

First, we discover what your clients are typing into Google to find your services.

  1. Check the Competition

By finding less-used terms with less competition, 603 Copywriting improves your chance of being put in front of clients who are ready to buy.

“Shoes” might have millions of searches, but most of those are browsing. “Size 15 Doc Marten Boots” gets typed in when a writer wants to spend £150.

  1. Write the Bits for Google

Do you know what meta tags are? Unless you’re a search geek, probably not. But Google’s looking for them, so we need to write them.

  1. Write the Bits for your Readers

You can be top of the tree for ten thousand terms – Google’s still not going to buy anything from you.

By writing attractive, sales-focused content that subtly makes use of your key phrases, 603 will ensure that your rankings translate into business.

  1. Show you How to Track Your Rankings

If you’ve not got the time to go through the rigmarole of using private browsing to check your listings manually every week, 603 Copywriting will share tools that’ll show you how to automate the busy work.

SEO Copywriting Can Be Simple

Don’t be blinded by the science. Speak to someone who understands how to simplify the optimisation process and write optimised, attractive content to drive business through your website.

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“Having the experience to write for the search engines myself, I had high standards when looking for an SEO copywriter. However, letting another company take responsibility was no problem after meeting Andrew and sampling his work. His approach, professionalism and excellent work have already started to convert for us. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of 603 Copywriting to anyone looking to get noticed online.”

Robert Cook - Business Development Manager, Jennor