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Demystify the science.
Focus on the message.
Appeal to Google and your customers with an SEO Copywriter.
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You don’t need to know what a SERP is, why PageRank doesn’t matter, and where meta data sits in a page’s code. When you hire an SEO copywriter with a decade of industry experience, you’ll have a trustworthy expert who can help your website rank for key words and phrases that deliver real enquiries.

Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

Kik Vape B2C Copywriting / SEO Ecommerce Copy

The brief:Increase search engine rankings for the redesigned Kik website, delivering converting traffic to core product pages.
The result:Improvement in rankings for key search terms, delivering an improvement in all-round online sales.

RapidBid B2C Copywriting / SEO Website Copy

The brief:Create SEO-friendly copy for two location-focused websites to attract US and Australian clients from launch.
The result:A successful website launch in two countries, delivering genuine interest and qualified leads within a predicted timeframe.

“As an experienced SEO myself, I had no problem with letting 603 Copywriting take responsibility. Their approach and professionalism started to convert for us within weeks.”

RC – Project Lead, Jennor UK

Results You Can Trust

There’s more to SEO copywriting than turning in a draft before the deadline hits. 603’s expert SEO copywriter will work alongside you to implement results tracking, allowing for ongoing improvements and adjustments to your website’s optimisation, delivering consistent results that ensure you’re always on the right side of the search engines’ guidelines.