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About 603 Copywriting

Independently Ranked as Manchester’s Leading Copywriter
Over a decade of industry experience.
Hundreds of satisfied customers.
Thousands of converting readers.
You can’t buy experience. But you can hire it.

About 603 Copywriting

603 Copywriting was launched in 2015 with one goal.

To provide businesses with sales-focused copy. Exactly what they needed to say, wherever they
needed to say it.

Copy that sells everything from lightbulbs to brighter tomorrows.

Expertly-crafted messaging that delivers a genuine return on your investment.

Copy that’s worth what you pay for it.

603 Copywriting isn’t about cranking out words by the penny. It’s not about ego-inflating awards.

It’s about getting the response you want from the customers you need.

Andrew Nattan is 603 Copywriting’s founder and director. Born in Salford, Greater Manchester, Andrew worked for a number of the UK’s leading specialist marketing agencies before founding 603 Copywriting in 2015.

Andrew is also a founding partner of the copywriting agency Hampson Nattan Williams, a specialist marketing agency designed to work with nationwide and multinational organisations on high-value campaigns.

Andrew Nattan is first published by the BBC
Hired as a Junior Copywriter
Promoted to Copywriter for work on campaigns for clients including Frankie & Benny’s, Aston Villa FC and more. Moves to a specialist SEO agency, working on SEO campaigns for clients such as Peel Holdings (owners of The Trafford Centre)
Promoted to Communications Manager
Develops and launches new social media product to thousands of agency clients
Andrew founds 603 Copywriting, working on campaigns for clients including Kik Ecigarettes, Hilton Waldorf Astoria and TV’s “Million Pound Jewellers.”
603 Copywriting partners with UK Copywriting and BJ Hampson Copywriting to become the N in HNW