603 Copywriting Privacy Policy

Why are you reading this? 603 Copywriting won’t steal your identity, move to Spain and set up a
new life as a fisherman in the Basque country. And not just because of the sea-sickness.

The Data We Collect

When you use the 603 Copywriting site, the website’s Google Analytics tools will collect details of your visit. Things like the pages you look at, how long you spend looking, and whether you found the site through Google or Bing or just typed the URL in after seeing it on a business card.

That’s on Google though. They’re fully GDPR compliant, and all Analytics data is deleted after two years.

When you submit an enquiry, 603 Copywriting keeps your name, email address and phone number. That’s so you can be contacted about your copy. If you choose not to provide that information, you can’t have any copy. It’s too hard on the poor carrier pigeon to deliver a printed out 20 page website.

If you leave a blog comment and provide your contact details, they’ll be kept by WordPress. It’s automatic. They’re GDPR compliant.

If you check any of the boxes about the newsletter, then MailChimp keep your name and email address too. Again, MailChimp are GDPR compliant. You’d hope so, given that they’re an email marketing platform.

If you call 603 Copywriting, the call will be recorded and kept for writing purposes. Anything you say may also be written on a post-it note. After the job is done, the recorded call will be deleted and the post-it note screwed up and placed into the recycle bin.

If you email 603 Copywriting, which you may have to, that’ll be kept too. That’s because emails will contain things like briefs, deadlines, returned contracts…

When 603 Copywriting invoices you, ClearBooks will pull any relevant Companies House data. They’re GDPR compliant too, and Companies House information is all public domain.

How We Use That Data

Your data us used to write copy. Without a brief and contact information, that copy can’t be written and sent to you. That’s just physics.

The data Google keeps is used to make improvement to the site. Google might also use your data for remarketing purposes, but that’s between you and then. There’s no ad space here, and 603 Copywriting doesn’t use AdSense. At the minute. Actually, that’s an idea…

If you’re a client, or you’ve signed up for the email list, you’ll get a regular newsletter. MailChimp keep your email on a secure server, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Your data won’t be sent to a third party not mentioned here unless you ask 603 Copywriting to collaborate with or recommend another service provider. And if you’ve asked us to, then that’s consent.

Accessing Your Information

Are you honestly still reading? This is so dull.

Here’s the bit where the words DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 are used. Contact us and you’ll get a copy of any data kept. Given that it’s your email address, you should really know it anyway.

Blue bin goes out third Friday of the month if you’re desperate for copies of the post-its.

Still here?

You’re now the only person other than Andrew Nattan to know that 603 Copywriting Ltd reserves the right to update or amend this policy at any time, and that those changes will be listed here on this very page.

Now go and find something better to read.