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Email Copywriter

Email Copywriting That Speaks to People

Emails are a great way of connecting with your audience.

If you know what they want to hear.

Make sure your emails speak to your customers with an expert email writer.

Get your message read.

“603 looked at our audience and provided quality email copy that took a fresh approach.”

Those words are courtesy of Zac. Zac’s a marketing manager at a growing finance company, and his department was having trouble getting their emails to convert. They knew their products inside out, knew how to avoid the words that triggered spam filters (which most people don’t), and knew who they were selling to.

But they couldn’t quite make a connection. What they thought was important and what their readers thought was important didn’t match up. So they hired 603 Copywriting to provide a fresh pair of eyes.

A few weeks later, Zac’s boss and legal team signed off an email campaign that told customers what they wanted to hear, drip-fed them information, and convinced them their money was in safe hands. 

They sold more, to more people. And they came back to 603 for more email copywriting. Then dedicated landing pages. Even direct mail campaigns.  

You see, it’s not that easy to write an email. And getting your clients to read it is even harder!

By taking the time to understand not just your company, but your customers and your competitors too, we’ll make sure every email you send is written in a way that grabs attention.

Emails need to work in a sequence, making your customers more familiar with what you’re offering. By creating a chain of mails that work together, we’ll help you engage readers, build trust, and generate awareness.

Because trust, awareness and engagement mean that your emails will start to bring in business.

So don’t just fire off a mailshot and hope. Speak to an email copywriter and find a fresh approach to your email marketing campaigns.

Case Studies

Email Case Studies

PlayForCars B2C Copywriting / Email Onboarding Chain

The brief:Hook the attention of potential customers found via paid Google searches and turn them into repeat players.
The result:Sign-ups increased, the amount each customer spent increased, and the total number of winners increased.

Algebra Stationery B2B Copywriting / One-off Outreach Emails

The brief:Let existing customers know about new, more valuable products and services - and convince them to buy.
The result:More interest in high value products, more enquiries about new services, and more money spent per customer.

“603 provided internal and external emails for us, along with advice on improving communication.
603 Copywriting was very approachable and quick, understanding both our content requirements
and our chosen tone of voice.”

SD – Development Lead, Not Panicking Ltd

More Than Words

Hiring a script copywriter doesn’t need to be just the first step towards a successful video or audio project. 603’s industry contacts mean that you can delegate project management and let a network of trusted directors, animators and producers create videos or audio adverts that meet your every requirement.