Algebra Stationery

Email Campaign

The Client:

Algebra Stationery is a family-run supplier of stationery, office equipment and consumables to schools and healthcare organisations across South Wales.

The Brief:

Derek Webber knows how he likes to do business. He likes to be friendly, he likes to get to know his customers, and he likes to be honest and open with them. The emails he signs his names to need to be exactly the same – friendly, welcoming and open.

None of the emails I’ve written for Derek are about the hard sell. They’re about building relationships, building trust, and putting Algebra forward as a fine local supplier who’ll take an interest in your business.

This follow-up email to take advantage of a gap in the market after a competitor closed down shows the tone that Derek is so keen to convey.

The Copy:

Dear {Name},

Helo! Sut ydych chi?

A few weeks ago, I emailed you to let you know that my company would be happy to help you through the transition period now that your school’s stationery supplier has shut up shot.

Funnily enough, I wasn’t the only person to have this idea, and it looks like you might have heard from companies over the border claiming that they’ll beat any Welsh supplier’s prices on paper.

Well, {Name}, I’ve taken a look at their prices, and you may want to do the same.

The English supplier’s paper prices:

£XX.XX per ream
£XX.XX per box
Plus VAT

Algebra’s paper prices:

£XX.XX per ream
£XX.XX per box
Plus VAT
Plus free expert advice
Plus free on-site equipment repairs in CF, NP and SA postcodes
Plus honest, approachable customer service, right here in Southeast Wales

You and I both know that there’s more to choosing a supplier than just the prices they charge. It’s easy to say that Algebra offer prices that are as fair as possible. But I believe that we can offer more than just affordable costs.

As you see above, we don’t just arrange the supply of pallets of copier paper, laminator pouches or the other items you need. We provide you with advice on how to save money in the long run.

We also provide support to make sure that you get the best value out of the money you spend.

And I will personally visit you to repair any broken laminators or other equipment – even if you didn’t buy them from Algebra.

We’ve helped schools throughout Wales for 16 years now, and I honestly believe that Algebra can offer you a better, more personal service than suppliers located hundreds of miles away in England.

You don’t have to decide today based on one email. If you would like to discuss your school’s requirements with me, call our office now on 01443 236920 and I’ll be happy to have a chat about what your school needs, when you need it, and how much you pay.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Hwyl fawr am nawr,

Derek Webber