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The Client:

Thomas Ash runs a number of mobile self-storage firms across the UK.  The Manchester Self Storage Company provides affordable secure storage to everyone from students to businesses.

The Brief:


Having worked alongside Tom for a number of years, I’ve built up a real understanding of his business’ tone and identity. So when it came to creating content for the company blog, Tom decided to drop me a line.

The Copy:


Four Famous Manchester Businesses Who Could’ve Used Mobile Self Storage

Factory Records

New Order, The Happy Mondays, the Madchester sound. That’s all the work of the legendary Factory Records – a company famous for being absolutely terrible at making good decisions on how to spend their money.

The company’s most famous lasting legacy is the Hacienda nightclub – now a block of luxury flats on Whitworth Street in the city centre. But even the Hacienda ended badly, with a police siege, vandalism and loads of damage.

All we’re saying is that if some of the contents had been placed in a secure mobile storage unit, watched over by 24/7 CCTV, the Factory Records exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry would have better items than the loading bay doors.

When It Comes to Payment Politeness, Size Shouldn’t Matter

It’s August. You’ve had your payments from all of the other small businesses you dealt with in July. You’ve settled your invoices with the smaller companies who provide you with services. And that invoice you sent to the big organisation moves into the column marked “overdue.”

You grit your teeth, pick up the phone, hold for five minutes and speak to accounts.

We work to a 60 day payment term.”

Great. Fantastic. Nice one. Their office works to a different schedule than your business, and for some reason we’re now all playing by Janice from accounts’ rules.