Prime Expert Consultancy

Website Copy

The Client:

Prime Expert Consultancy (Prexco) is a specialist applications developer based in London. The company makes use of a range of cutting-edge techniques to streamline the way customers use a range of applications and software.

The Brief:

Sometimes copywriting is about making complex concepts simple for customers. When Antonio approached 603 Copywriting, he had a complex service that only professional developers really understood. This service needed to be made clear to decision makers, so a plain English approach would be required.

After an in-depth brief and more than a little research on application development jargon, 603 Copywriting put together a draft that met all of Prexco’s requirements.So much so that another five star review was forthcoming after the project had been signed off.

The Copy:

DevOps is more than just another slice of industry jargon. DevOps is a method that Prexco uses to ensure that all of our bespoke tools and developed applications are of the highest quality, that they can meet any challenge or requirement, and that they satisfy even the toughest client demands.

Simply put, DevOps is at the heart of everything we do.