Tahar Ali - Speaker

Website Copy

The Client:

Tahar Ali is a motivational speaker, property entrepreneur and author.

The Brief:

Tahar Ali is a man with a very specific audience. His website needs to reach CEOs and business leaders – engaging with busy people with no time for platitudes, over-the-top sales promises or flowery prose. Plus, as Tahar deals with clients on both sides of the Atlantic, the copy provided needs to appeal to people with very different backgrounds and experiences.

After an in-depth discussion with Tahar (and a read-through of his book), 603 Copywriting created website copy that would hit the precise tone of voice needed, while still matching Tahar’s own unique style. Tahar’s LinkedIn profile was also refreshed.

The Copy:

Failure isn’t the opposite of success. It’s just the first step of your journey.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
“You only get one chance to succeed.”
“Taking risks is too dangerous.”

You’ve heard these platitudes.

Tahar Ali’s heard them too.

He heard them growing up in a poor household in Scotland. He heard them the first time he became homeless after a business venture failed, and he heard them again the second time.

Tahar is now a successful and respected inspirational motivational speaker and author working across the globe. After listening to him, you won’t hear those platitudes, because you’ll understand exactly what they are. Excuses. Nerves. Anchors that hold you back.

When you speak to Tahar, you don’t get platitudes. You don’t hear excuses. Instead, he’ll show you that the real key to reaching your potential in life is belief. Determination. The drive to succeed. The keys to your success are already in your hands – Tahar will just show you how to use them.