The Square Ball


The Client:

The Square Ball is Leeds United’s unofficial fanzine and winner of the Football Supporters Foundation’s “Fanzine of the Year” award. The readership is a few thousand die-hard Leeds fans with a strong dislike for Lancastrians of all stripes. Mancunians especially.

The Brief:

Is it possible to convince the supporters stood in Elland Road’s Revie Stand that Manchester isn’t as bad as all that? In the issue leading up to a League Cup clash between Leeds and their most hated Mancunian rivals?

My pitch was accepted with a raised eyebrow, and I tackled the toughest writing assignment of my life.

The Copy:

Manchester… White, White, White

With The War of the Roses, that lot from Trafford and Simply Red, it’s no wonder that Manchester is loathed by the majority of Leeds fans. And with “Them” visiting Elland Road in September to resume hostilities, anti-Manc sentiment is about to hit fever pitch once more.

But despite centuries of mutual hatred, a few brave Mancunian souls have crossed the Pennines to make their fortunes in West Yorkshire.

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