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Script Copywriter

Video and Audio Script Copywriting Services
Get your message heard.
Whether it’s YouTube video or commercial radio.
A script copywriter makes your message the star of the show.
Be heard.

There’s More to Marketing than a
Website and a Flyer. It’s Time for AV.

603’s video and audio script copywriter knows how to give your business a voice. Drawing on professional training and real-world experience in crafting audio scripts and video directions that stand out from the crowd. Steal a march on your competitors. While they’re on the page, you’ll be in your customers’ ears. And in their heads.

More Than Words

Hiring a script copywriter doesn’t need to be just the first step towards a successful video or audio project. 603’s industry contacts mean that you can delegate project management and let a network of trusted directors, animators and producers create videos or audio adverts that meet your every requirement.

Case Studies

Scripts Case Studies

PH Audio B2B Copywriting / Telephone On-Hold Marketing

The brief:Engage customers held in telephone queues, increase interest in core products, reduce dissatisfaction.
The result:Increase in customer satisfaction, fewer complaints about lengthy on-hold times.

RapidQuote UK B2B Copywriting / Explainer Video Script

The brief:Explain the core benefits of RapidQuote UK’s SaaS product to an audience of time-poor tradespeople.
The result:Increased customer understanding of a potentially confusing software product. Increase in signups and customer retention.

“A wordsmith. 603 Copywriting has an uncanny ability when it comes to getting into the minds of our company and our customer base. Copywriting of the highest calibre.”

DL – Head of Digital/Ecommerce, Supreme Imports Ltd