2015/2016 - A Year of Highlights, A New Year of Promise

2015 has been and gone. 2016 is here. And if you’ll permit me a moment of self-indulgence, last year was full of huge achievements for 603 Copywriting. But I’m not here to rest on my laurels. 2016 will be even better.

2015 – A Year of Highlights

After eight years of professional copywriting, 2015 was the year that I took the plunge into self-employment as a freelance copywriter. Last year, I finally put my experience to good use for potential new clients from all over Europe.

As such, it’s been a year of highlights for me. Here are the three key moments of my year.

March – 603 Copywriting Launched

After much thought and planning, March saw the launch of the 603 Copywriting website. Designed by Chris Seed (co-founder of Pine) and developed by David Smythe (now in-house at a leading fashion e-commerce retailer), the website marked my first steps into launching my own business. To the clients in those first hectic months – Said, Chris, Antonio and Sundeep – thank you very much for your help and support.

The Key Lesson: Planning is everything.

Before I signed up my first client, I’d put together a full marketing plan (website/content marketing/SEO/PPC/email outreach/sales letters/PR) to generate that early interest. I’d saved emergency money to cover expenses, and I’d leveraged my network for any referrals and outsourcing work.

If you build it, they will come” is a fairy tale and a fallacy.

May – I Take the Full-Time Freelancing Plunge

After six years as the copywriter and communications manager for a leading UK search engine consultancy, May saw me take the plunge as a full-time freelance copywriter (the fact that this allowed me to stay up late to watch the NHL’s Stanley Cup final was entirely coincidental). As any small business owner knows, this is a challenging and exciting time – so full credit to my wife for all of her support during that tough first quarter of working from my home office.

Setting up your own business is incredibly hard work – long hours, weekends and evenings, sacrificing social events and going without. But it’s worth it. Because every second of hard work will pay off – and it pays off for you. Not shareholders, or your manager. You.

The Key Lesson: Perseverance pays.

If you’re planning to work for yourself, be realistic. The first months will be tough. You will not make huge amounts of money, especially if you’re entering an industry where competition is fierce. But if you’re prepared to work hard and stick at it through the toughest times, you’ll be rewarded as you carve your own niche.

It’s all on you. Make sure you’re ready for the challenge.

September – 603 Copywriting Gains Recognition

In the final quarter of 2015, my hard work began to pay off. A steady stream of enquiries, a comfortable income and finally some recognition for my hard work.

Many of the copywriters I’ve learned from over the years use FreeIndex to collate customer feedback. Over a thousand copywriters are listed in that particular directory, and the top 20 contains some of the industry’s big (and expensive) beasts.

In September, I cracked the UK top 20. And as of year’s end, 603 Copywriting is independently ranked as the 12th best copywriting agency in the United Kingdom (and number one in Manchester) based on unbiased feedback from my customers.

I judge success as consistently doing a great job for my clients at a price they can afford. In September, I gained some recognition for that success.

The Key Lesson: Ask for feedback.

If you’re doing a great job that your customers appreciate, they’ll tell a few people. If you ask them to provide a testimonial, an independent review or a case study, then their recommendation could reach hundreds or thousands of people.

You’ve done a great job. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

2016 – A Year of Promise

2015 is behind us now. It’s no good constantly looking back, and I’ve indulged myself enough already. What’s important now is 2016 and my plans for the new year. Here’s what you can expect:

Further Success: A top 20 ranking is nice. A top 10 ranking would be nicer. And the only way to achieve that is to provide great quality copywriting services to my clients. If you’re looking for five star marketing copy from a leading freelance copywriter, I’ll be happy to write your website, flyer, sales letter or blog post.

Rewarding Your Faith: I couldn’t have survived 2015 without you, let alone thrived. So if you’re an existing 603 Copywriting customer, keep an eye out for a new special offer that I’ll be running all year for repeat customers. It’ll save you money with no compromises on quality.

Rewarding Your Recommendations: I rely on your positive feedback and referrals. As such, I’ll be launching a second special offer for 2016 to thank those of you who’ve spread the word about the great work which I’ve done for you. I’ve loved working with you, I’ve been delighted by your responses, and I promise that in 2016 I’m going to reward you with more than “only” compelling, sales-focused copywriting services.

Thanks for a great 2015. Here’s to an even greater 2016.

Andrew Nattan – 603 Copywriting

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