Always Take a Copywriter to the Pub Quiz

The life of a freelance copywriter can be a lonely one. Whether we’re cooped up in an office all day, or sitting alone in a coffee shop, on the laptop at the park or working wherever else inspiration may strike, we generally work alone.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like a bit of company and camaraderie every now and then. Company that you should offer. Because when it comes to a pub quiz, a good copywriter is always indispensable.

Why Should You Take a Freelance Copywriter to the Pub Quiz?

I’m not saying you should invite a writer out of some sense of charity. I’m saying you should invite a copywriter because we’re an incredible asset to your team for three very good reasons:

1: General Knowledge is our Specialist Subject

In most careers, you need to know a lot about a single subject. Lawyers need to know about the law – usually one aspect of it. Carpenters need to know about wood and nails. Politicians need to know about sleaze, lying and expense-fiddling. Lots of knowledge, one little speciality.

Copywriting’s different. We need to know a little about a lot.

This pays dividends in a general knowledge situation. The question’s on a Greek myth? Fantastic, I read up on it last week while writing a blog for a yacht charter company. You want to know about Top Gear’s new presenter? I spent a good few hours trying to nail the Top Gear tone of voice to attract clients to a car showroom so you can be sure I know all about Joey from Friends getting the gig. And if there’s a question on comparing energy bills to save money…

Well, if there is a question on price comparisons, you should probably find a better pub to do the quiz in.

2: We’re Probably Going to Ace the Music Round

Why is it,” my mate Dave asked in the pub before the match last week “that all of the callers to 6 Music are either graphic designers or freelance copywriters?

Well Dave, it’s not because having Lauren Laverne’s lovely voice makes us feel less lonely at being trapped in the office alone with a half-mad beagle all day, and how dare you suggest that. It’s because creatives need to have the radio on.

Music helps to stimulate the brain and get those creative juices flowing.

According to a study at the University of Helsinki, having music on at a low volume does all sorts of wonderful things to your brain chemistry in exactly the way that the background buzz of a call centre doesn’t. Dopamine levels are bumped up, and the ideas just keep coming. What’s more, the bit of your brain that handles empathy gets a boost too – which is always great when you need to connect with a reader.

And luckily for the pub quiz team, while we’re improving our creativity, we’re passively absorbing all of the music trivia that Radcliffe and Maconie’s teatime theme time can impart.

3: Team Names? No Problem

The main reason you need a copywriter on your team isn’t our limitless capacity for trivia. It’s for the part of the quiz that’s far too difficult.

Coming up with a team name.

Coming up with a team name is one of those tasks that is far harder than you think it is – you know the impression that you want to give, but you just can’t find the right words to get your message across. Well, don’t worry. Choosing the right words is a skill that takes a while to master – but instead of spending years trying to cultivate your own literary talents, it’s usually far easier and more effective to find someone who’s done that already.

Someone like your friendly neighbourhood freelance copywriter.

By the way, if you don’t bother with your local pub quiz, don’t worry. Those reasons also apply if you’re looking for someone to create copy for your business’ marketing campaigns. You just won’t be in a position to ask me to get a round in.

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