Introducing Hampson Nattan Williams

I’ve been busy.

For the past few months, I’ve been living a double life. By day, I’ve been Andrew Nattan, director of 603 Copywriting, freelance copywriter and occasional social media iconoclast.

By night, I’ve still been Andrew Nattan. But I’ve been a founding partner of Hampson Nattan Williams, a marketing agency that I’m proud to launch alongside Ben Hampson and Martin J. Williams.

Who Are Hampson Nattan Williams?

Come on. I’ve covered that. We’re Ben Hampson of BJ Hampson, Andrew Nattan of 603 Copywriting, and Martin Williams of UK Copywriting.

We’re three of Manchester’s leading freelance copywriters. We’re experts with decades of experience in the field. And we’re bloody good at what we do.

So in order to continue to be bloody good at what we do for even more clients, we’ve decided to collaborate.

What Can Hampson Nattan Williams Do?

It’s all on our website –

URL should give you a clue as to what we’re all about. We write words that win business. Same as I’ve always done. Same as Martin’s always done. Same as Ben’s always done.

But collaboration lets us do more. It lets us offer different services that a single freelance copywriter couldn’t – like tone of voice workshops to help brands forge a memorable identity.

Like data driven content creation that makes sure you’re getting copy that works and continues to work.

Like triple strength copywriting that takes responsibility for amending content away from busy clients and passes it to a professional writer.

Like using our network of contacts to manage any kind of marketing or advertising project.

Hampson Nattan Williams takes the work a freelance copywriter can do and scales it up so that we can tackle larger projects, take more of a strategic approach, and deliver even better results than ever before. With our unique message-first approach, HNW fills a real need in Manchester for a dedicated copywriting agency.

What About 603 Copywriting?

Does this mean 603 Copywriting is a thing of the past? No way. And not just because I’ve dropped a serious amount of cash on redesigning the website (more on that in a week or two).

603 Copywriting will continue to do what it’s always done. Help SMEs, start-ups and sole traders with professional copywriting services. I’ll still be here to create compelling copy for websites, emails, video scripts and brochures. And I’ll still be here to support the clients who’ve put me in a position where I can expand my business and partner with other experts.

But as your business grows and you start to wonder if you need more than a single freelancer can offer, that’s where Hampson Nattan Williams comes in.

It’s an exciting step, and it’s one that’s going to help Ben, Martin and I do even more fantastic works for even more forward-thinking clients.

For more information on what we’re all about, check out our YouTube channel, and follow HNW on Facebook and Twitter.

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