Meet Your New Online Marketing Role Model

For months, I’ve been looking for an example to show to my clients that demonstrates how the quick and the small have the advantage over lumbering powerhouses when it comes to online marketing. I think I’ve found him.

He’s got 2,159 followers on Twitter, is acknowledge as one of the world’s leaders in his field and has beaten the biggest, nastiest opponent that’s been thrown at him.

He’s not got a name you’ll hear in conversations about SEO, marketing or conversion rates, but if you adopt his methods, you might just be able to recreate his success.

Ladies and Gentleman, the heavyweight champion of the world – Mr David Haye.

Photo from The Guardian

Photo from The Guardian

What Online Marketers Can Learn From David Haye

Speed Trumps Size

To win his title, Haye had to fight a real giant of a man. The reigning champion, Valuev, had a huge height and weight advantage over the smaller fighter. He still lost.

The chances are that your industry is going to be dominated by one or two super-heavyweights. They’ll have huge budgets, giant workforces, and resources that dwarf your own. If you go toe-to-toe with them, you’ll be floored very quickly.

The advantage you have is this – big companies can be slow to react. Make sure your marketing strategy is fluid and easy to adjust. Don’t go head-to-head with these behemoths on competitive keywords, newspaper adverts or market saturation. Instead, focus on long-tail searches, social media and anything else that will get you results quickly and let you exploit gaps in the market.

You’ll have made your impressions and raked in your profits before the competition have even thought to turn their heads.

Relentlessly Self Promote

Before the title bout, Haye spent weeks telling everyone who’d listen that he was a champion in waiting. He took every opportunity to work his way into the public consciousness and make a name for himself as a cocky, confident and entertaining fighter.

Who have you impressed this week? I’ve honestly had clients reject a piece of copy because they didn’t want to claim to be “the best motorcycle garage in (x)”. Funnily enough, they get as many customers as the self-professed “best motorcycle garage” two miles down the road.

If you want people to think you’re a winner – tell them you’re a winner. Once they think you’re offering the best product or service in your niche, they’ll be willing to line your palms with silver. Just make sure you seize the opportunity that gives you…

Take Your Chances

Of course, if David Haye had been put face down on the canvas within two rounds, he’d be remembered as “that cocky, loud-mouthed idiot who couldn’t deliver what he promised.” However, he stuck to his strategy and delivered the goods. You have to do the same.

You’ve put together your strategy, found your target audience and told them how you’re going to rock their socks clean off. Woe betide you if you offer a sub-par service. Make sure you use your every asset to deliver something that your clients want, need and will purchase again. By building up a base of repeat clients, you’re taking money out of the pockets of your hulking adversaries.

Don’t Listen To The Detractors

In round 12, everyone crammed into our front room had Haye down on points. The Sky commentators had him down on points. Valuev didn’t look unduly worried. When that final bell rang, Haye leapt onto the ropes, celebrating like he’d just knocked the giant Russian back into the Soviet Era. His confidence was well placed, and his victory on points convincing.

There will always be so called “experts” willing to take a pot shot at you. Don’t listen. Be fast, be fluid and be confident. Keep faith in your strategy, show your customers that you’re confident that you’ll always deliver what they want and you’ll be the one basking in the glory while others eat their words.

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  1. Ben Locker says:

    Spot on.
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  2. Steven Roddy says:

    LOL! Great parallel article! A classic case of piggyback marketing. Very good.
    .-= Steven Roddy´s last blog ..Are You a Liar =-.

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