Nope, You're Not Getting a Christmas Card

Sorry. You’re not getting a Christmas card from me.

Nobody is. Not my wife, not my friends, and not my clients.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife and her endless patience for my sometimes insane schedule.

I love my friends, including the ones who support rubbish football teams and the ones who occasionally knock on my door and run away.

And I definitely love my clients. You’re all brilliant. I’ve worked for over 100 of you in 2016, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects – websites, apps, videos, a narrative story and a brochure for a Fortune 500 company (coming to my portfolio in the New Year). Most of you pay on time, and you’re all a pleasure to work with.

Even you.

But none of you are getting a Christmas card. Not a branded company Christmas card, not a tiny glittery card bulk bought from a supermarket.

Because let’s face it. You don’t care.

This is my 31st Christmas. I’ve kept none of the cards I’ve received. I couldn’t tell you who sent me a card last year. So I’m not bothering this year, especially when the British public wastes over £100m on disposable well-wishes every year.

Here’s What I’m Doing Instead

One hundred and twenty thousand children will be homeless this Christmas.

One hundred and twenty thousand.



Every year, instead of buying Christmas cards, I take the money I would’ve spent and donate it to Shelter.

Because if that money can make life even a little better for even one of those kids this Christmas, it’s money well spent.

Even if sending a 603 Copywriting branded card would rustle up an extra hundred quid’s worth of enquiries in January, this is the best use of my money.

Please Join Me

A box of six Christmas cards from Tesco is £4.00. This year, I’ll be donating £4.00 for every six clients I’ve worked with this year, plus a donation for the cards I’d have sent to family and friends.

It’s not a huge amount of money. It’s not going to make a huge difference to my life.

But it might make a real difference to one or more of those homeless kids this year.

Especially if this post has prompted you to do the same.

Go on. I don’t want a card. You don’t really want a card. And neither of us needs a card.

But Shelter needs your help.

Please donate

Merry Christmas.

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