The Secret That'll Get Your Clients to Read to the End

The longer you rattle on about a product or service, the more chance you have of the client getting bored. Be brief and focussed – that way you can be sure the reader is going to carry on to the end.

Kick off with an intriguing headline. Then outline the issue your product or service addresses. Once you’ve created the problem and the need in the reader’s mind, offer your solution. Then add a call-to-action, and you’re done.

Is brief always best? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Ben Locker says:

    No, it’s not – long copy can be very effective, provided you keep the reader’s interest and provide lots of factual benefits for them. Make each sentence the logical continuation of the one before it, and you’re most of the way there.

    Similarly, intriguing headlines can be good – but so can factual ones, newsy ones and attention grabbers. That’s not to say you can’t combine any or or all of those elements!
    .-= Ben Locker´s last blog ..Guest post: From Ukraine with love – copywriting in the post-Soviet era =-.

    • Andrew says:

      True. As I alluded to on Twitted, I’m very much a long copy writer. That said, I’m a huge fan of the very short and tight copy that you see on print ads and such.

  2. Brief is always best, but brief isn’t always, well, brief.

    Readers usually have different reasons for searching you out and your copy must address each of those reasons and your corresponding solutions.

    In might be difficult to be conventionally brief in all cases. But your information should be presented as briefly as possible.

  3. I’m a brief girl, mostly, but it’s horses for courses. The most difficult thing is when a client wants to outline an extravagant list of benefits, which might all be perfectly valid, in a document which isn’t going to be in front of a customer’s eyes for long enough to make any sense. You gotta be realistic. If it’s a pick up DL, distil distil distil. If it’s a brochure for genuine leads, get expansive.

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